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What Monsters Do


Seven erudite, charming and brutal tales.

~ A long lost brother asks a dark and desperate favour.

~ Forbidden love threatens the happiness of a Victorian family, and their loving ghost.

~ Justinian sits with his cat watching snow fall. Poor cat.

~ Harry was dead, but how did he die?

~ “I’m tied naked and there are rats here.”

~ Howard and his wife argue over the cooling body of their son.

~ Mikey likes the hunt for love, unaware of the what is watching him.

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“… a range of stories which will delight, disgust and terrify. An erudite, charming and brutal examination of relationships, obsession and ghastliness,…”  zombiehamster.com

What Monsters Do, is a brilliant collection of stories that will both shock and entertain you, just don’t look in the mirror after reading this, you might not like the monster that stares back at you.” gingernutsofhorror.com


This volume contains six new stories, plus ‘The Beast in Beauty’, originally published in Skeleton Crew magazine.

Paperback: 104 pages