• Front cover of What Monsters Do. Man holds book which has red eyes and fanged teeth.

    What Monsters Do


    Seven erudite, charming and brutal tales.

    ~ A long lost brother asks a dark and desperate favour.

    ~ Forbidden love threatens the happiness of a Victorian family, and their loving ghost.

    ~ Justinian sits with his cat watching snow fall. Poor cat.

    ~ Harry was dead, but how did he die?

    ~ “I’m tied naked and there are rats here.”

    ~ Howard and his wife argue over the cooling body of their son.

    ~ Mikey likes the hunt for love, unaware of the what is watching him.

  • Front cover of Other People's Darkness. Close up of young man with black eyes, face smeared with ink. Suggestion skin made of newsprint.

    Other People’s Darkness


    Five stories of the macabre.

    ~ The world didn’t end on 21st December 2012, but Scott was given a gift—a terrible gift.
    ~ Red strawberry jam reminds Gregory he is about to murder love.
    ~ A visitor to a mansion brings deadly news.
    ~ Tanya is Caroline’s best friend, and Caroline hates her. She enters the poison garden …
    ~ London 1883. Eight year old Cassie wants the police to tell her what will happen to her, now her family are dead. Perhaps if they believed her story they would?

  • Front covers of What Monsters Do and Other People's Darkness books

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