My one man show about the origins of Hellraiser’s Chatterer, stories from the sets of the Hellraiser, Hellbound, Nighbreed and more, I AM MONSTERS!, premiered at the Pleasance London on 8th October 2019 as part of the LONDON HORROR FESTIVAL. I then performed it at SHOCKFEST in Las Vegas with Clive Barker in the audience.

Sadly, all my plans for performing at horror conventions in the US and smaller theatres in the UK are on hold for the foreseeable future. At the time of writing, in February 2021, there are no plans for further performances. Realistically, I suspect it won’t be until 2022 before I’m able to perform it to a live audience again. And it needs a live audience. Even if I filmed it, I’d far prefer to do so in front of a live audience.

Until then please enjoy this one minute sample of the show from rehearsals, and scroll further for reviews.

"Witty and tragic, and ultimately uplifting, we give I Am Monsters! 666/666" Horror Hothouse
"Vince becomes a rollercoaster conductor and we, the audience, buckled up for one hell of a ride." London Horror Society
"A fascinating, informative and intimate show. I Am Monsters is a must see for fans of horror and compelling life stories alike." Hollywood News. 4 stars

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